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Karmann models on display at Bremen Classic Motorshow and a postscript to the Police Exhibition.

3 February 2017. One of the total of 13 rarities from the special show "The Karmann Treasure Chest" at the Bremen Classic Motorshow came from the AutoMuseum – the well preserved red VW Type 3 Convertible from 1961. The sibling model is part of the Volkswagen collection in Osnabrück and is currently undergoing restoration. Other stands were also showing rare Karmann exhibits. There has probably never been such a comprehensive exhibition focusing on Karmann before. However, a completely different vehicle was concealed in the VIP area closed to the public. This was the location for a Borgward Isabella in police livery, which was originally due to appear in the special exhibition by the AutoMuseum entitled “Follow me! German police vehicles in action”, which has been extended until 29 February. Reasons of logistics prevent this from happening – which is why we are showing it here, in picture form at least.

First road safety training day for children in the AutoMuseum.

29 January 2017. For the first time ever, the AutoMuseum Volkswagen was host to a road safety training day for children. The young participants aged between four and ten were particularly inspired by the ADACUS learning program from the ADAC. With a great deal of patience and a lot of fun, Presenter Melanie Persson and her glove puppet companion, ADACUS the raven, explained and practised how to behave correctly when using a zebra crossing or when crossing at traffic lights. And indeed neither of them failed to spot the tiniest mistake from their “fellow players”. Afterwards, the children had an opportunity to practice their knowledge in a separately laid out circuit which included the traffic signs that are also most important for children. On hand for the purpose were four highly coveted Bobby Cars. Colouring sheets and the TipToi game on road safety “Sicher im Straßenverkehr” provided additional practice exercises. Special thanks for their support go to the ADAC and Melanie Persson, Volkswagen Accessories, the local road safety organisation Verkehrswacht Wolfsburg as well as to Ravensburger and the publisher Westermann for sponsoring the games. 

New Year's Reception 2017.

18 January 2017. In addition to the traditional review of 2016 and a look ahead to the AutoMuseum's forthcoming activities for 2017, this year's New Year's Reception offered a very special highlight: Ernest Jovic had travelled all the way from Sarajevo especially to hand over his late father's TAS Golf as a gift to the AutoMuseum. Museum Chairman Eberhard Kittler was delighted by the new addition, which is indeed a great rarity in Germany, and promptly presented the accompanying original invoice for 246,071 dinars to the attendant guests. In fact, Jovic's father actually paid a sum of 12,654.03 deutschmarks for the car in 1982 so that he could take it from the forecourt straight away. The audience, with invited guests including Professor Hahn, former Management Board Chairman of Volkswagen AG and Wendelin Göbel, Secretary General of the current Management Board, were all similarly impressed. To conclude the evening, Foundation Chairman Eberhard Kittler introduced his team of employees.

Opening event: photography exhibition "Seeing behind the eyes."

10 January 2017. The AutoMuseum Volkswagen launched its new year of shows with the opening of the photography exhibition “Seeing behind the eyes” by Kai Grüber. The artist explained to the invited guests how he had arrived at his theme of abstract photography with the aid of the blurring technique. The key question of “How can I bring what I have in my head onto a picture" was his guiding idea, as was the idea of leaving viewers enough scope for their own world of thoughts by means of a personal memory. The 25 pictures from Germany and China were not only well received by the guests in attendance on the evening. In a preliminary interview, the artist revealed that some of the motifs now on show in the AutoMuseum provided the background on the video wall at the premier by star violinist Nigel Kennedy in Berlin at the end of last year, which was part of the DRIVE programme of concerts. Those wishing to find out more about the photographer and his pictures are recommended to take a look at the website

Collection handover to Caritas Mittagstisch.

5 January 2017. An ecumenical gospel evening was held in the AutoMuseum Volkswagen for the first time in December 2016 under the slogan "Change down a gear". The response was overwhelming, the guests were delighted by the concert which was peppered with short prayers, as well as by the atmosphere in the AutoMuseum. This was apparent not only from the amount of applause and community singing, but also in the generous donations made. The proceeds of €513.50 have now been handed over to Rüdiger Schingale at Caritas Mittagstisch meal provision service in Wolfsburg. Rev. Thomas Hoffmann and provost Ulrich Lincoln were – as impressed as everyone else – by the amount collected: Thank you for that. Choirmaster Paul Gerhard Blüthner encouraged everyone to think about a follow-up and the AutoMuseum team is happy to oblige!

25 years of Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen.

5 January 2017. A quarter of a century ago or more precisely, on 1 January 1992, the former Volkswagen Museum (founded 26 April 1985) became a charitable foundation. To mark this occasion, the local Chamber of Commerce in Lüneburg-Wolfsburg presented a certificate that will be on display in the AutoMuseum in future. The first chairman of the board of the foundation was Dr Bernd Wiersch, followed by Horst Beilharz, Dirk-Michael Conradt and Eberhard Kittler.