Events at the AutoMuseum Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen AutoMuseum is in a state of perpetual motion: besides an ever-expanding range of exhibits, there is a constant stream of new and exciting attractions in the form of regular special shows, readings or photo exhibitions. Discover the traditional world of Volkswagen. We look forward to seeing you.

Bernd Luz: Legends of Le Mans. Abstact PopArt.

Special show from 29 March to 13 August 2017.

The 24-hour race at Le Mans first took place in 1923. The moving story of this automobile protagonist, the racing legend on four wheels, is put into the spotlight by the artist Bernd Luz with elements of abstract and pop art. The result is richly coloured, emotional images that can be seen from 29 March to 13 August 2017 in the series “MobilArt. Art at the AutoMuseum Volkswagen”.  

Open temptation. Cabriolet milestones.

Special exhibition from 16 March to 17 September 2017.

From 16 March to 17 September 2017 a pure fair-weather feeling wafts into the AutoMuseum Volkswagen. The new special exhibition “Open temptation. Cabriolet milestones.” embarks on a journey through the history of the cabriolet spanning more than 130 years. At the beginning of car manufacturing, open-topped cars were the rule, only to become coveted luxury goods in the 1920s. This was followed by an ever-wider range, including lower-cost cabriolet and roadsters. In modern times, driving fun came to the fore. On display are 22 selected models across all brands. They show the rich variety of these “topless models”, giving an insight into different convertible-top technologies.

Seeing behind the eyes.

Abstract photographs from China and Germany from 10 January to 18 March 2017.

In his exhibition 'Seeing Behind the Eyes' photographer Kai Grüber explores the question of individual perception of reality. From 10 January to 19 March 2017, the Volkswagen AutoMuseum is showing abstract photographs from China and Germany that, thanks to blurring, leave plenty of scope for the viewer's own interpretation of the images.

Seeing Behind the Eyes...